• Why we all need a Family Investment Bucket Hey, have you heard me say this before? We all need to be forced to create some tech boundaries for ourselves and our families. But, as you know by now, we can’t wait for “someone” to solve this tech-driven disconnect; we have to do it ourselves. Yes, we must. This shit is making us sick more
  • My simple home: why I chose a latex mattress I struggle with sleep. It’s elusive stuff. It’s largely related to my auto-immune disease (although sometimes I wonder what comes first…). I’ve written about my insomnia here, and I’ve shared a bunch of sleep solutions you all sent in here. But at some point I had to look at my bed. I’ve been sleeping on a more
  • an oodlie…and why you shouldn’t sleep with your microwave Remember my chat with Joi about oodlies from earlier in the week? She made this one for me. With this note: “I was going to give you harry potter glasses but felt it would be too busy what with the dog hugging you and the other oodlie sniffing your hair.” She also asked if I more
  • four tricks to reduce mobile radiation I have to share this. I was going to put it on Twitter but it’ll take too many characters. The New York Times has just run a story on all the studies that point to cells/mobiles frying the brain. The put a link to a list of the relative amounts of radiation various cellphone models more
  • Check this sh*t out: the scary reason I have to move out of my apartment A little while back I had building biologist Nicole Bijlsma do a run-through of my flat to see if it was toxic, and making me sick. It was. Although my initial Sunday Life column didn’t outline the full extent of things. It was a bit too controversial for the magazine… plus, I hadn’t really digested more
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