• jo’s four favourite posts I’m on leave, so this is a in-case-you-missed-it post. I asked right-hand chick Jo to highlight her favourite posts from the year. Here they are: (PS. this pic above is one Jo took from her flat…she sits here to think each morning…) 1. I love this post: The best reason I’ve ever found for backing more
  • A day at bondi…a christmas gift idea Every few weeks or so I feature one of Eugene Tan’s wonderful beach pictures on this site. I know many of you love them. Woah!, now you can buy the book. Uge has become a great mate after years of running into him down at Bondi in the mornings where, for the past 11 years, more
  • The three “life better” tips that get the most chatter I’m in Bali on holidays… So I’m posting in advance a short best-of series. I hope you don’t mind. But it’s really something I need to practice, since I preach this kind of thing (shutting off, creating space), right? Part three is  mini-list of the tricks and tips that have grabbed people the most. It’s more
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