• If you missed my I Quit Sugar webinar… On Monday night I did my first I Quit Sugar webinar, which was oddly fun given there I was in a hotel room talking to a pinhole in my laptop screen (when I remembered to)…. Over 200 viewers live, plenty of questions… and plenty who watched later on… I answered: * Are lemons OK? * more
  • When I’m shitty I climb a tree This week in Sunday Life: I try the “wilderness effect” On Thursday I woke up antsy. Sometimes we just do, don’t we. It’s the wind, the moon….the half bottle of wine we drank the night before. Whatever.   I’d had a cold for days and I felt as stale as a pair of pyjamas that more
  • Question: how do you exercise? Reader Amy recently asked what I do for exercise. This is a really good question. Because I’ve shifted the way I do things in the past six months or so. Dramatically so. And I think what I’ve learned (the hard way…always the hard way with me) works. For everyone. It’s not that complicated…and it’s kind. more
  • sunday life: why i love ugly walking shoes This week I wear ugly walking shoes Recently I was given a pair of those chubby, stack-soled “fit” sneakers*. You know, the kind that look a cross between that very special footwear you can only buy at a chemist and those foam stilts Baby Spice used to wear with legwarmers back in 1993. * I more
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