• Beautiful brave men A little tale. One day, a few months back, I found myself in Somerset killing time after a three-day hike across moors and dells. I visited an antique fair where ladies with purple hair sold things that smelled of mothballs and the shoppers looked like a crooked-toothed host from Antiques Roadshow. It was perfectly quaint. more
  • what’s your true religion? a quiz I’m 100 per cent Neo-Pagan and 96 per cent New Age. So says the results from the Belief-0-Matic test on Beliefnet.com that I just did. I’m only 16 per cent Catholic…which might horrify my mother. I was raised Catholic, but didn’t go to a Catholic school…thank goodness. Mum and Dad, mercifully, didn’t like the draconican more
  • sunday life: a chat with Mitch Albom about faith This week I find my “right reason”…and get a little faith. On Tuesday I sat with Mitch Albom. Which is lovely and fitting, really, because Mitch wrote Tuesdays with Morrie, a book about how he spent Tuesdays sitting with a bloke called Morrie. Not read it? Well, Morrie is Mitch’s former teacher and is dying. more
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