• How I travel: New York on a bike I don’t like flying. Or driving. I’ve always ridden. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve owned a car for seven years  of my life only. The rest of my adult life, I’ve ridden a bike to get around. Indeed, just three weeks ago I became car-less again. I really do prefer it. My tendency more
  • i love copenhagen style: a perve When I was in Copenhagen a few weeks back, Marija and I came up with a great way to meet locals. Especially the men. Seen my Slow Food and Biking Guide to Copenhagen yet? We would approach, explain that I’m an Australian journalist and that the two of us were doing a small photo essay more
  • Icelanders are kooky Iceland is one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been to. As in weird-good. I spent 10 days here and got seriously disorientated. When I travel I absorb factoids – cultural ticks, fashion quirks, mannerisms etc. When I visited Iceland a week or so ago, the factoids rained down on me. From all angles. Mostly more
  • some fun bike porn It’s been a while since I’ve done a gratuitously evocative bike post. It’s time… Famous people on bikes Some hot looks courtesy of  Fashionising, and Cyclelicious. Starting with Olivia… Just some pretty looks
  • Question: how do you dress for riding a bike? Today I’m going to answer a question I get asked a lot. Tanya emailed me this: “I don’t wanna have to cart my office clothes with me on my bike, nor is my body fit for the great outdoors in tight lycra! Help!” I hear you Tanya. I ride in what I’m wearing for the more
  • do these images help/make your fashion head hurt? Check these images out: one model’s, well, model size (a US size 2). The other, Crystal Renn, is a size 16 (US size 12). It’s a grand gesture that appears in the upcoming issue of V Magazine. To my knowledge, it’s never been done before. That is, putting women of different sizes side by side more
  • sunday life: fashion and my fraud complex This week I make my philosophical peace with fashion. If I may, I’d like to indulge in a run-down of my surreal fashion experience this week. It has a life-bettering point, of sorts, toward the end. So, Wednesday I find myself tricked up with hair extensions and smoky eye, parading down a catwalk with a more
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