• Why do Sardinians live so long? You might recall this time last year I visited the Blue Zone in Ikaria, where people live a ludicrously long time. No? Well, I spent six weeks on the rugged Greek island with National Geographic, looking at various factors contributing to their abnormal longevity. To refresh, I found that pork, wine, walking and eating no sugar more
  • Are the nutritionists lying to us? (a podcast, plus five *more* copies of Big Fat Lies to giveaway) This post has been updated. Last week I chatted to David Gillespie about some of the food myths he debunks in his new book Big Fat Lies. Today we have a quick chat about why the “lies” continue. I reckon you’ll like this one. It’s easy to conclude from what David exposes in his book more
  • six big fat myths about fat: a podcast with David Gillespie (plus I’m giving away 5 copies of his new book!) You may remember David Gillespie from previous discussions such as Why Sugar is Really Grim For You. He’s the author of Sweet Poison and over the past 13 months since I quit sugar we’ve been in regular dialogue. Sometimes we talk about the fact that much of what we know about sugar and fat is more
  • why the paleo diet works This week in Sunday Life I eat like a caveman Of all the self-imposed guinea pig antics I’ve subjected myself to for this column, this week’s might be regarded as my bravest. For it entailed eating, oh-glory-be-yes, fat. In a fat-fearful world, my no holds barred consumption of chicken skin, the crackling and the 3cm more
  • question: is it really ok to eat fat? You know I quit sugar, right? And you know I’ve stuck to it? And you know I’ve written an ebook on how to do it? For those of you who haven’t read it yet, the main thrust of my 8-week program is replacing sugar with fat. It’s an approach I really find worked for me, more
  • 6 clever ways to eat yoghurt (the most slimming food on the planet!?) Another week, another “study” that shows we’re meant to be eating this instead of that. Yeah, I tire of them. But I found this one on the best and worst foods for healthy weight quite interesting. It found yoghurt was the best food to eat to lose weight. Below I’ve outlined the gist of the more
  • how quitting sugar made me nicer: Sunday Life This week I’m (still) quitting sugar Again, a quick note for readers of this blog who’ve been following my “I quit sugar” posts, this might seem like I’m repeating myself…I kinda did for my Sunday Life column readers. For those of you playing catch up on this topic, you can read other “I quit sugar” more
  • I quit sugar #3 (why sugar makes us fat) OK. So this is where it gets interesting and a little bit tricky. As in, good tricky. Today I’m going to cover off two key issues. Yesterday I said I’m eating more (good) fat and protein as a way of getting me through this quit sugar business. This is in part cos fat and protein more
  • I quit sugar #2 (first step is to start eating more fat…yes!) I posted on Monday to say I’m quitting sugar. Well, it’s been three days. And I’m going great. Although you have to be so careful…I ordered a chai tea at a shoot on Tuesday and it came with honey already in it. So far, no withdrawals… because I’ve been upping my fat intake. I shall more
  • Tuesday eats: what I’m eating for breakfast right now Someone asked me the other day to do a post on what I eat. In general. So I’ll start with breakfast. I get up. I drink about 1-2 litres of hot water with either a squeeze of lemon or a dash of apple cider vinegar. Then I exercise etc. Then I eat. I’m simply not more
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