• “Clean Eating is a Myth”…and 5 other things I got right Almost six years ago I quit sugar. I coped flack for this. Did I what. When it came around to publishing my first book I Quit Sugar I ran the below Arthur Schopenhauer quote upfront, by way of highlighting where I thought the whole debate just had to head. Eventually. Someone referred to this quote at more
  • cooking sugar-free with xylitol As many of you who follow the I Quit Sugar journey know, my preferred sweetener is rice malt syrup and stevia for a number of reasons, which you can catch up on here. But I’ve also mentioned before that xylitol is one of the very few safe sugar alcohols and works a treat for baking. more
  • which fats should i be eating? Heaps of you have asked me to do a post that spells out what fats to eat, and when and how. So here we go. First, let’s acknowledge the information out there is conflicted. More and more the scientists and chefs and wellness nuts are agreeing: the fats we’ve been told to eat for the more
  • pasta makes you fat, not bacon I read this article the other day, and it’s worth a share. There’s so much crappy information and conjecture going around at the moment on this topic and in the frustration some commentators are blurting defensive, misinformed stuff to their followers. Granted, though, it’s a damn confusing topic and the latest science not only goes more
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