• I’m out of here for a while…to shake things up. It’s a polite thing to do, to let friends know when you’re taking off for a bit and ceasing communication. So, as a head’s up, I won’t be posting as regularly for a bit as I’m taking off for five weeks. I don’t feel I need to say why and where. In fact, that’s kind more
  • Anxiety: fight it or ride with it? Every few months or so I get stuck. I get wobbly or, as was the case this time, I get so thoroughly sick of myself I can’t move forward without offloading some of the spinning thoughts somewhere. In the absence of a pillow talk companion, and to save my friends the tedium of discussing my more
  • The surprising joy of hitchhiking This week in Sunday Life I hitchhike My life is often overlaid with a certain degree of mistimed chaos. Which means, from time to time, I’m forced to hitchhike. Take Thursday. I was due at a meeting at 7.30am, but in timing my morning I failed to factor in that I’d sold my car the more
  • Seven weeks and counting down (and freaking) Oh, you know what. Deep breath. This… Have you ever done something that’s terrified you to the core?  That you have to dive into with no map, no instructions, nothing to hold onto? Instead you must freefall with no guarantee of where – and if – you’re going to land? Something that you know will more
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