• who’s joining me on Febfast this year? (a great IQS thing to do*) If you’re currently quitting sugar* – or if you’re not, but would like to do SOMETHING to get your health back on flowing tracks – you’ll like this poke up the bum I’m about to give you: join me in ditching alcohol in February Yes, just one month. Actually, 29 days this year. Which is more
  • I’m selling some of my clothes, if you’re interested When I moved north recently to write my book I reduced my wearables to one suitcase. I currently work to 5 pairs of undies, one pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, a jumper, a hoodie, a bikini and some shoes. I went through my wardrobe and did some serious culling…I’ve given some of my more
  • why you should quit alcohol with me in february Note: this page has been updated to include the password…“Wellness” I’m giving up booze during February. 28 Days. Bang. Done. I’m the patron for FebFast, a charity that raises money for drug and alcohol resource centres around Australia. Important! My job is to get people to abstain from drinking for the shortest month of the more
  • how giving up booze has helped us all become nicer people! In case you missed it, I gave up alcohol for February, as ambassador for Febfast. The whole concept totally took off, which makes me so happy and impressed with human nature in general. Almost everyone I know took part. Bloody incredible. And the shift in everyone’s behaviour is astonishing. There’s a calmness. An OKness about more
  • enjoy the smugness of not drinking (Australian Woman’s Weekly editor-in-chief Helen McCabe shares her thinking) The other night I was having dinner with my mate Helen. We met about 16 years ago in Canberra, when she was starting out as a Channel 7 news reporter; I served her coffee at the this place in the city and was doing a political internship at the time. We then crossed paths briefly more
  • Sunday life: in which i give up booze for February This week I happily and surely go sober. You see, I’m the ambassador for FebFast, an initiative that invites Australians to go sober in February and raise money for a bunch of substance abuse charities. If you want to join my FebFast team go to this link…here! The password is detoxme. We’re currently the leading more
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