• my simple home: five ways to feng shui your joint in five minutes If you’ve been following the My Simple Home series, you’ll know I’m on a mission to create the cleanest, most eco, minimal home possible and sharing each step, figuring you might like to learn from the process, too. I’ve shared on hazards you should avoid and how to detox your kitchen, and you can catch up on the full more
  • sunday life: in which I fly naked This week I declutter my background reading I can get disproportionately excited about new online devices. Like, a while back, I was frothing about Instapaper, a 2.0 equivalent of the Post It note. It works like this. You’re wasting time online and stumble upon an interesting blog post or New York Times article. You can’t more
  • The significance of the Ken doll As a follow-up to the Sunday Life post below in which I ponder why I have a Ken doll displayed amongst religious iconography on an antique toy ironing board in my hallway …Liz the feng shui consultant just posted this: Hi Sarah, It was interesting as I was thinking of you yesterday and that Ken more
  • sunday life: in which I clear flabby energy in my flat This week I feng shui’d my flat. (And for everyone wanting to know more on this… I had Liz Wiggins of Feng Shui Living, Sydney, come in and give me the rundown. She provides a full report and sends salt cleansers to put in rooms that need some extra help.) So there we were – more
  • sunday life: in which i declutter my books This week I had a good hard think about why I have kept an unread copy of Tolstoy’s War and Peace on my bookshelf for 17 years.  This small awakening prompted a frenzied decluttering of dead wood*. Small awakenings can do this. I’ve been on a decluttering mission lately. This latest chapter was prompted by more
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