• My Simplicious Good for your Guts Garlic recipe I am a little obsessed with gut-health. I’ve been banging on about the this topic for a while now. I’ve also recently launched my own Gut Lovin’ Gelatin. It’s no surprise then that my latest book I Quit Sugar: Simplicious includes a stack of gut-healing fixes. One of them being my Good For Your Gut Garlic recipe. more
  • How to build the perfect abundance bowl These one-pan, two-minute mélanges are my standard lunch (or breakfast, or dinner) fare and I’ve included a big bunch of great combos in I Quit Sugar: Simplicious. I must admit I felt weird putting them into a recipe format because I mostly make them on a whim, using what I’ve got (and a few too more
  • Which fermenting starter is best: salt v whey I’ve been making my own ferments for a while now. It started a few years back with pickled daikon and sauerkraut and has developed into a passionate hobby. I’ve recently added fermented turmeric tonic,  kombucha, ginger-ade soda, cream cheese, beet and turmeric kvass. My next book is going to take things to even mouldier levels! I’ve mentioned more
  • A bone marrow custard recipe… Plus a giveaway! There’s a lot about this recipe that gets me excited. Bones. Marrow. Warm, dense, nutritious custard. And a breakfast food not based on grains. I realise the combined effect could be a little challenging for some, but I invite everyone to think openly and consider the incredible health (and environmental and ethical) benefits of eating more
  • Learn how to ferment. Plus a Sandor Katz giveaway! If there’s one thing you need to learn to do – for the good of your guts (and broader health) – it’s to ferment. Fermenting is a big focus in my second book, I Quit Sugar For Life (which you can preorder now), and I feature a bunch of cultured recipes – including a beetroot more
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