• 10 things to do to heal your gut I’m gut-health obsessed. I talk about gut health a lot, here and elsewhere. I believe most contemporary ills stem from gut issues and I’ve got my fair share of personal experience. Today, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my years of research on the topic. 1. Don’t worry about dirt on veggies. more
  • My fructose-free kombucha recipe In my first kombucha recipe, one of the concerns some of you had was the use of sugar to feed the yeast and bacteria. As I pointed out, very little sugar is left behind. But if you’re drinking a few nips of the stuff per day, it can add up to several teaspoons. So I gave more
  • Why folk with autoimmune disease do the 8-Week Program This much I know: I quit sugar because I had a raging autoimmune disease. This much I’ve just learned: Tens of thousands of others with autoimmune disease are now doing the same thing. And getting results. In fact, according to our latest survey of I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program participants… For folk with autoimmune disease, more
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