• Let’s find an anxiety charity to support My book first, we make the beast beautiful is selling better than I thought. Which makes me very… relieved. And fulfilled. Off the back of this interest and the wonderful deep conversations it’s spawning, I’m being asked to speak at a number of corporate events, and I’ll also be organising a speaking tour shortly.  I want more
  • Dearest Everyone, I have to back off a bit… Writing and releasing first, we make the beast beautiful has been the most enriching, real experiences of my life. Not one of. The most. I set out to have a better conversation about anxiety and to feel less lonely myself. The dialogue the book has created has delivered this in spades. It’s come from the media, readers who’ve more
  • Five recipes that have helped my anxiety At the back of my new book, first, we make the beast beautiful, I promised to share on my site a few of my favourite meals and recipes that have helped my anxiety. This is that list. (Most of these recipes feature in I Quit Sugar: Simplicious.) As I explain in the beast, it’s best to eat more
  • A (boring) list of all the references in “first, we make the beast beautiful” At the back of first, we make the beast beautiful I promise to include references and links for all the science and studies I draw on in the researching of the book in a neat and tidy post. This is she. I didn’t want to include them as footnotes in the book proper. They’re not more
  • Enough with the (hashtag) unicorns and rainbows! I was on a dating site recently. A guy who looked like Jesus (should Jesus exist today as a Swedish supermodel with a man-bun and a lot of photos of himself on jet skis)  flagged in his profile that he would flick left on anyone with a #blessed hashtag on their Instagram feed. Now, I more
  • There’s an octopus on the cover of my book because… …well, octopuses, as a motif, swam into my life during the process of writing first, we make the beast beautiful. From all kinds of angles. You see, my book is about anxiety. Anxiety is complex. So are octopuses (and yes, it’s “octopuses”, not “octopi”, the latter utilising a Roman suffix, which you can’t do on more
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