• a story of my favourite meal ever The best meal I’ve ever eaten? I’m reminded of this travelling again, and eating  new flavours in fun places (I’m in New York right now, doing publicity for my book which comes out here in April). Also, I’ve been asked this question so many times, but the story behind the answer is often too long more
  • the art of actively doing less (+ a Women’s Weekly shoot) Shall I share some sweet irony with you? Or perhaps you’ll call it muddled, unfocused hypocrisy? Recently I flew to Sydney to appear in this Australian Women’s Weekly Christmas shoot below. Myself and a bunch of other (too?) oft-photographed ladies were asked “what’s the perfect gift that money can’t buy”. I said: “rest”. As usual, more
  • possibly the most reassuring advice I’ve been given (sunday life) This week I realise I’m a scanner. Which is to say, I realise my chaotic, excited way of being, and all the dreams I juggle, makes sense! On Tuesday I got great news. All these years I’ve regarded the crazy array of careers I’ve dabbled in (restaurant reviewer, political speechwriter, TV dollybird, magazine editor and more
  • how to: focus in batches I love this anecdote about how when things are tough and resources are limited, you can focus better. Because you have to. I’ve written about this before in Sunday Life. Ray Bradbury was a freelance writer who was trying to support his family. However, he was working at home with his cute little children. This more
  • a good quote found… “Great events make me quiet and calm; it is only trifles that irritate my nerves.” Queen Victoria Are you good in a disaster? When the proverbial hits the fan? Or during a tragedy?  I think I am. At funerals I don’t fall to pieces. I’ve been in a few close-to-death experiences up glaciers and tumbling more
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