• Friend fade-outs v friend fall-outs This is a topic that’s come up a lot among my mates and I lately – the challenges of navigating tricky friendships. Not between us, but beyond. Over various martinis and meals, I’ve shared my thinking on the subject and thought I might share with you guys, too. I think many people find navigating friendships more
  • sunday life: so, defriending is word of the year, but does it make life read better? So on Thursday I was stood up by a friend. Her excuse was as flimsy as a philanderer’s promise and it was her third last-minute no-show. Sitting at the restaurant fuming into a ramekin of bar olives I wondered if it wasn’t time to defriend. It’s a concept many of you relate to. I know more
  • learn how to live longer: 5 eye-opening ideas from (yet another) rad TED talk I’m a big proponent of the idea that “everything we think we know about health is wrong”. It’s a big call. But I stand by it. I got more proof when I came across this TED presentation from Dan Buettner. Dan was commissioned by the US Government to work out what factors contribute to longevity more
  • choose who you hang around with I like this idea…British scientist Sydney Smith wrote a letter to an unhappy female friend in the early 1800s. It listed 20 things to do to be happy. I liked his comments on friends, points 6 and 7: 6. See as much as you can of those friends who respect and like you. 7. And more
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