• the sh*t i say I like this. There’s a culture of transparency kinda bubbling about. Have you noticed? People seem to be wanting to acknowledge to the world where they’re going wrong, or veering toward pretentiousness, in a spirit of “we’re all in this together, aren’t we?”. I quite love the “Shit xxx say” videos doing the traps. Mostly more
  • beyond beautiful: the fully sick rapper’s “life in a day” A month or two ago I posted an interview with Christiaan, the Fully Sick Rapper who’d been quarantined in hospital with TB for 106 days. He’s just emailed me this link and, if  I were you, I’d watch it. Even if you haven’t had to face your own sadness in a mirror, or wondered where more
  • fully sick rapper….does Fashion Week. gorgeous, darlink! A few weeks back Fully Sick Rapper Christiaan van Vuuren and I chatted via email about his 106 days in hospital quarantine. And how boredom, and a wish to share his TB story, led him to write crazy-head raps. The kid is so heartfelt and switched-on. I rather love him. And the post was re-posted more
  • have a sunny weekend xoxoxo In my neck-o-woods it’s going to be a scorcher this weekend. The water here in Sydney is 23 degrees. Blimey. Which has posed a dilemma this week. I just got my hair coloured – darker for the cooler months. But my hairdresser has asked me to stop swimming so much, because it’s making my hair more
  • a fully sick rap My friend Kate sent me this video by Christiaan van Vuuren (The Fully Sick Rapper), a friend of hers who, has spent the past 104 days in quarantine.  He has Multi-Drug Resistant TB and has to be isolated, and treated with a cocktail of antibiotics. He was an outdoor advertising sales rep and was rushed more
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