• my 20 best productivity tips I’m not a productivity fiend. Flaying about in chaos can be exhilarating. But I do like the sport of finding a smarter way to do things. And I love it when people share what they do. Is it a chick thing? I mean, it’s the secret to women’s magazines – sharing the kind of information more
  • some fun bike porn It’s been a while since I’ve done a gratuitously evocative bike post. It’s time… Famous people on bikes Some hot looks courtesy of  Fashionising, and Cyclelicious. Starting with Olivia… Just some pretty looks
  • I got rid of comments so I could hear the conversation This week in Sunday Life I remove comments from my blog. Just for a bit. When I’m feeling a tad on the smug side of my life situation, I find a little visit to the comments section of my blog sets me straight. In the main, comments on my blog are helpful sharings of tips more
  • 24 top tips for inner-city bike buying + riding My philosophy is this: when more people ride bikes in cities, the safer that city is for cyclists. Actually, it’s not my philosophy. It’s a fact. And the raison d’etre of my Campaign To Ride a Bike. via meetup.com But I know many of you get stuck on how to start out riding – how more
  • Gala Darling: “radical self love…it’s a soul salve” Continuing with the One Thing series… From time to time I come across humans who just astound me with their whimsy. They do something a bit you’re-not-meant-to-do-that. I’ve noticed there’s usually One Thing that prompted them, or motivates them, or keeps them happy and therefore whimsical. I’m always busting to tap them on the shoulder more
  • what to wear on a bike: part two (plus a bike basket giveaway!) I wrote a post recently on what I wear on my bike…how to dress to ride…sans lyrca. I write these blogs to inspire you to ride a bike. My motivations are pure! Here, a few extra pics and some that you lot sent in (thank you!). Also, our friend  Joyce from Cyclestyle has VERY kindly more
  • stuff I’m not paid to endorse: 7 nice peeps you should know about Really, this week it’s just a plug for bits and pieces of goodness I’ve come across in the past week. You know, little inventions and consumerables that make a difference, people sharing good stuff. That kind of thing. I’m in Canberra at Mum and Dad’s place, being treated to an open fire, daphne posies in more
  • Dear Men…a letter from Christina Hendricks I read this on Gala Darling today, an open letter to men by Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. I hope Gala doesn’t mind my replicating it here. I found it such a compassionate bunch of intimate insights that I really do think men would enjoy hearing. We should share these things. I’ve added my comments more
  • making a wonderful thing (perhaps not order) from chaos I wrote about Neil Pasricha’s new book 1000 Awesome Things a few days ago. And Gala Darling. This is Gala. The two unite. Gala interviews Neil about all the kind of stuff I want to know from people who do sweet, off-beat things. I liked this (because it’s so damn refreshing to know that NOT more
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