• 10 things to do to heal your gut I’m gut-health obsessed. I talk about gut health a lot, here and elsewhere. I believe most contemporary ills stem from gut issues and I’ve got my fair share of personal experience. Today, I’m sharing some of the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated in my years of research on the topic. 1. Don’t worry about dirt on veggies. more
  • My supercharged coconut cream Love my Whipped Coconut Frosting from Simplicious? Wait til you try this trick. Today’s bonus recipe takes whipped cream to another level. Adding gelatin to your coconut cream gives it a super smooth texture perfectly mimicking whipped cream. Plus it gives you all the great health effect of the stuff. Supercharged Coconut Cream One 400ml more
  • The 15 types who need to be eating gelatin Let me introduce to you: Gelatin. My new obsession and wonder weapon for gut health. In fact I believe in the power of gelatin so much I’ve produced my own. I’ve banged on about just how good this stuff is for you before. If you ask me, everyone can benefit from a little Gut Lovin’ – more
  • Why I’ve produced my own gelatin powder Good morning friends. This post serves two purposes. To announce that, yes, I’ve produced an I Quit Sugar gelatin powder – my Gut Lovin’ Gelatin. And you can buy it now. To explain why I’ve done so, in the context of my vocal aversion to the practice of contributing to More Stuff on The Planet. more
  • Everything you need to know about healing your gut A growing number of modern ills –in particular, autoimmune diseases – are now deemed to stem from the gut. And many of us have guts that are a little leaky and nervous and cranky. So healing the gut is probably at the top of your wellness to-do list, right? Today, all my gut-health posts in more
  • My sweet and sour kiwi fruit gelatin goobs I’ve been on a gigantic gelatin journey the past few weeks…tweaking and finessing different ways to stir up this amazing healing product (for guts, nails, inflammation) into convenient snacks and breakfast foods. Last week I posted my coffee almond gummy squares recipe and previously shared My latest gut health obsession: gelatin post. Given the interest, I figured more
  • Coffee almond gummy squares recipe As promised, a gelatin recipe to get you on your way to loving this MEGA POWER food. If you haven’t already, please read my post from last week outlining the thrills and spills of eating gelatin. It’s life-transforming stuff. This one today is an easy one to start with and is a great breakfast-and-coffee-in-one solution. more
  • My latest gut health obsession: gelatin You know how a growing number of modern ills particularly autoimmune diseases are now deemed to stem from the gut? And how more of us are suffering with crook guts that are leaky, nervous and cranky? Yeah? Well, you’d really have to agree that that would make fixing your gut our number one health priority. No? The more
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