• new health trick: “the fuzz” Sometimes health needs to be explained in nonsensical, onomatopoeic language. Yuk! Goob! Stodge! If you’ve been unwell for a while, or get gut aches for no discernible reason (and you’re told you’ve got IBS), or you go around in circles with complaints, or if you have some sort of auto-immune disease, then you totally know more
  • healing auto-immune disease #7 (some anti-inflammatory eating tips) Perhaps you thought I’d dropped this series? Nope. Just taken a spell. But I just came across this rundown of tips for eating for auto-immune disease from Melbourne naturopath Gill Stannard. Definitely worth a bit of a share. I’ve cut out the salient bits: * The “Mediterranean Diet” is a good model to eat by. more
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