• a charity gift guide for you (cos I hate buying xmas junk) I wrote about giving this week. So, then, the very committed Julie Cowdroy, an activist and academic and ambassador for Opportunity International Australia and the Global Poverty Project alerted me to a post she’s just put up ABC’s The Drum about how to give goats for Christmas. Or, more to the point, how to give more
  • how generous could you be? I found this read really very inspiring – about a Melbourne-born guy who earns $47,000 a year, one-third of which he gives away to charity. He’s also set up a movement Giving What We Can encouraging people to give 10 per cent of their earnings away. Could you do this? Could you take the plunge more
  • would you take the free money? Earlier this week a bank ran a social experiment with a money tree (but it doesn’t grow on them, right?). It pinned thousands of dollars to a tree in the city and then filmed how people responded. In many respects it reflected what goes on internally for all of us when dealing with anything to more
  • greeting e-cards: four really good ones to send with love now. Just because… There’s no special occassion looming; all the better for sending an e-card to someone who just matters to you right now. E-cards are ace. So long as they don’t involve a dancing elf. They cut down on paper, save energy costs and can still be really creative and personal. Bookmark these four FREE sites for more
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