• Interrupt anxiety with gratitude I caught up with Danielle LaPorte the other day. I wanted to ask her a bit about anxiety. She gets it. She writes about it. I’ve followed her White Hot Truths for a while. And her career in the self-help-of-the-brutal-variety realm. (Note: Danielle tours Australia next month, with special guest Clare Bowditch. Details, and a ticket giveaway, below). A more
  • our brains love being grateful A quick thought, prompted by something interesting I read during the week…It’s about gratitude. I often wonder why I should be grateful. I mean, apart from the virtuous and religious premises. But, the visceral goodness of it all??? What’s that meant to be about? Is there an inherently worthwhile point to striving for gratitude, one more
  • the best ever iphone apps: a listicle (part 2) A week or so ago I shared the apps I’m rapt about. Now a list of radical ones you use (albeit, not all of them are productive…in fact some are counterproductive…but I guess it’s that time of year), plus a few from people whose productivity levels we’re in awe of. My assistant Jo loves these (she more
  • sunday life: how gratefulness helps my life In the aftermath of the recent MasterChef finale, I want to share one special observation with you. Just after she was announced winner you’ll recall Julie told everyone – the contestants, the chefs, me, the judges, the crew – how grateful she was we’d helped change her life. On set we’d stoically held it together more
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