• I find what happy women get right This week in Sunday Life I’m unbalanced I believe I’ve found the very latest first-world lament. “I’m so sick of trying to get enough ‘me time’,” my friend Sal shared over the phone during the week. “I think it’s easier just to be overcommitted and be done with it. Know what I mean?” I would’ve more
  • what’s making your life better right now? wade in! I’m going to put it out there. What technique or course or mantra or philosophy or book or practice or sport or “thing” are you engaging in that’s taking you closer to you, making life richer and deeper, facilitating a deeper connection to what matters? For, to my mind, that’s what making life better is more
  • sunday life: the benefits of *not* being happy This week I get sad I’ve been writing this column for a while now – 72 weeks to be exact – and I have to confess, I’ve had it with trying to be happy.  It’s all become too much. While this column is a somewhat tortured search for a better life, most of the literature more
  • sunday life: the secret to happiness (a chat with Gretchen Rubin) This week I get happy…close to home Gretchen Rubin calls it her “Beautiful House” moment. As in, “This is not my beautiful house”, the existential lament from the Talking Heads hit “Once in a Lifetime”. Gretchen’s life was ticking along just fine. She had a beautiful house. Two kids. And all the rest. But she more
  • sunday life: in which I be thoroughly me This week I “Be Sarah” (which may or may not involve rolling around in bed in luxurious knits) I have this problem. I’m a really bad party-goer. I can’t seem to stay at them, and my personality grinds to a glazed-over halt whenever I’m forced to. Standing in restrictive going-out garb on a Friday or more
  • choose who you hang around with I like this idea…British scientist Sydney Smith wrote a letter to an unhappy female friend in the early 1800s. It listed 20 things to do to be happy. I liked his comments on friends, points 6 and 7: 6. See as much as you can of those friends who respect and like you. 7. And more
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