• what’s making your life better right now? wade in! I’m going to put it out there. What technique or course or mantra or philosophy or book or practice or sport or “thing” are you engaging in that’s taking you closer to you, making life richer and deeper, facilitating a deeper connection to what matters? For, to my mind, that’s what making life better is more
  • Top five regrets of the dying…what will be yours I came across this post this morning by an Australian woman (her blog, Inspiration and Chai) who worked in palliative care. She’d chat to dying people about their regrets. Now she’s put together a list of the most common ones she’d come across. It’s amazing how they’re really just the “regrets of the living”. I more
  • this mood playlist gizmo makes me happy On Wednesday I posted a flash mob clip that made me cry. Sometimes I just need to cry, to release the bigness of life that I’m feeling in my being. It’s not sad. It’s just big. And it needs to be expressed. Whether you need to cry, or get happy, or sad, or clean the more
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