• the peculiar beauty of being forced to *splat*! This week in Sunday Life I simply get stopped During the week there was a moment – a very brief one – in which I was flying through the air, superman-style, and cruising towards a pile of rocks, when it occurred to me, “this is going to be majorly inconvenient”. I landed on all fours, more
  • how to make a comfrey poultice Two weeks I ago I sprained and hairline-fractured my ankle…and tore my tendon. I was running barefoot on ocean rocks in the rain because I was listless. “I know, I’ll do something slightly off-kilter, so I can feel a bit more alive.” In addition to demolishing my ankle I also ran into three nude men. more
  • healing auto-immune disease #7 (some anti-inflammatory eating tips) Perhaps you thought I’d dropped this series? Nope. Just taken a spell. But I just came across this rundown of tips for eating for auto-immune disease from Melbourne naturopath Gill Stannard. Definitely worth a bit of a share. I’ve cut out the salient bits: * The “Mediterranean Diet” is a good model to eat by. more
  • guest post: how to heal auto-immune disease, by someone who’s been there (Clare Bowditch!) #5 I quite love Clare Bowditch. That’s her up above. The admiration kicked off when she emailed me a while back after reading something I’d written and she suggested we meet for tea when I was in Melbourne next cos we’d have stacks in common. I love contacting people I’d like to meet and suggesting tea. more
  • guest post: healing auto-immune disease, by someone who’s been there #2 So, a few days ago I gave my account of coping with thyroid disease . Now I’ve asked some experts who I’ve encountered along the way to share their experience. And some advice. It’s certainly helped me… But before I do – just quickly – a random thyroid factoid someone once presented to me: Most more
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