• It’s better to feel normal about being abnormal I like Henry Miller’s mind. I’ve written about it before. He expresses without apology. His writing just…goes there; it cuts through and doesn’t pause to deliberate fruitlessly. It feels like freedom to just read his work. I came across these Henry Miller quotes just now. It’s from an essay he wrote on the musings of more
  • don’t work nervously I am a little obsessed by the work habits of writers. And I love Henry Miller. And I’m very grateful for these little work mantras Miller wrote for himself. Mostly because it’s a reminder that everyone struggles to find the right mood, pace and approach to work, and the right way to balance work with more
  • live with your rags I’ve just finished reading Henry Miller’s The Colossus of Maroussi – one of the finest travelogues ever. It chronicles Miller’s year out travelling around Greece just as World War ll broke. He describes Greece with such fondness. It echoes where I’m at. I’ve been to Greece three times now – the first time was 20 more
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