• A really bizarre trick for drinking coffee when you have hormone issues! My mate Kate Callaghan is a nutritionist, personal trainer and author, specialising in hormone healing and fertility. Today I’ve asked her to share a trick she told me about recently for those of us who have hormone derangement, but who love coffee. It’s a common quandary…and it would appear Kate has a solution… Over to more
  • Is melatonin a safe sleeping pill? I took melatonin regularly for a while, but started to have queries and doubts so have recently gone off it. If you have autoimmune issues and have turned to melatonin for sleep perhaps see if the below resonates. The deal with melatonin  Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. It’s taken in supplement more
  • “I had to put on weight. This is how I coped.” Today I want to share a yarn that holistic nutritionist Kate Callaghan recently shared on her blog. Kate is a loved member of the I Quit Sugar family and worked in the office for some time before moving to New Zealand. She gets it. She lives it. She also has a few things in common more
  • Melinda lost 50kg doing my I Quit Sugar program… * This post has been updated. You can read more about this below… Meantime, over this New Year shutdown period, I’ve come across a few reads and things that you might be interested in if you’re thinking of quitting sugar. Momentum is building, more and more people are working out that sugar is the missing more
  • your thyroid still playing up? i think I finally have an answer!! (a podcast with Chris Kresser) As I wrote yesterday, I have reached another chapter with my hashimoto battle. I’d been doing everything right, but I was still having “thyroidy days” 3-4 days a week. My blood tests were also doing weird things (in the most recent case, coming back with low TSH AND low T3 and T4) and so the more
  • how quitting sugar made me nicer: Sunday Life This week I’m (still) quitting sugar Again, a quick note for readers of this blog who’ve been following my “I quit sugar” posts, this might seem like I’m repeating myself…I kinda did for my Sunday Life column readers. For those of you playing catch up on this topic, you can read other “I quit sugar” more
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