• The most essentialist observation about what women need in love I’ve ever made What do women want? Blokes, there’s only one thing you need to know. When we rant (seemingly) irrationally, when we do something that makes you say, “I damned if I do, I’m damned if I don’t”, or when we arch our eyebrow when your response to a confrontation is, “You’re just being complicated” …we are more
  • The Joy of Missing Out Apparently 2014 is the year of joyfully missing out, or JOMO. You haven’t heard? I came across this new buzz term when a UK magazine editor wrote about it recently in a newspaper editorial. Her piece referred to a growing trend among many of us that sees us go so hard during the week, running more
  • my interview on huffington post. ace! Huffington Post was the first blog I read. Laura Cococcia was one of the first readers of my blog to start posting comments. This week Laura, editor and publisher of The Journal of Cultural Conversation, interviewed me for Huffington Post. A lovely full circle. Here’s the interview as it ran yesterday on the site. It more
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