• new words for happiness and love I’ve been tracking a bunch of lovely, evocative words that have no English equivalent for a while. There’s a joy to learning these “loanwords”. They remind us that there are still things out there that remain undiscovered, unencapsulated. This naivety to the human experience comes as a nice relief. I think also we enjoy the more
  • A beautiful word: saudade. I think the most beautiful words are those with no English equivalent. Perhaps it’s the fact we have to conjure them without familiarity that makes them more alluring. More creative. More ephemeral. For me, though, it’s the fact that these words generally point to a moment so potent yet subtle that no single English word more
  • a slow food and biking guide to copenhagen I rather love Copenhagen.  Marija – the lovely lady who photographed my I Quit Sugar eCookbook; that’s her below – and I spent a week here, mostly shooting the cover and some fun shots for my new book. There is so much to include in a guide, but I’ll keep to a list of ten more
  • my three favourite words: “haimish” + “hygge” + “truc” I can get obsessed by words. I’ll say them over and over in my head. Or they take on a colour or a smell. Mostly they take on a shape. I was obsessed with “common” when I was a kid. I wrote it over and over in books. Not because of how it sounded (or more
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