• There’s this excellent thing happening to young boys… Lately, I’ve had a stack of correspondence from young men. When I say young, I mean pre- and early-teen. It makes my day every time. Not least because I know what it takes for a boy to approach an old battleaxe like me. I’d be petrified! There’s been Jacob Towers who travelled with his Mum more
  • How I stretch one organic chook to make 15 meals Some people watch Game of Thrones. Some play Ultimate Frisbee. Me, I get pleasure from finding novel ways to stretch a chicken further. For a whole bunch of reasons (that I outline in my book I Quit Sugar For Life), one should always try to invest in an organic chicken. You can read more on more
  • My Paleo Inside-Out Bread recipe My new book I Quit Sugar For Life has been out for about ten days now. And going by the feedback on social media it seems the Paleo Inside-Out Bread is a little bit popular. And more than a little idiot-proof (not one imperfect shot so far!) If you haven’t bought the book yet, I more
  • Why I like my second book better It’s here: I Quit Sugar For Life. I see this as a follow-up book to help make cooking, eating and our health more elegant and joyous. A framework for simple, no-brainer health that supports sugar-free living. Which is what we’re after, no? If you’re keen to get your copy straight away, simply click on the more
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