• The best hiking and eating trips in Europe In tribute to the Northern Hemisphere summer happening right now: my slow food and hiking guides to Europe, all in one place. I’ve said before, if I get 100 people to leave their comfort zone and get out of the city to move and eat real food in regional areas…well, I will die in peace more
  • a slow food guide to iceland This is part three in my Iceland series. You can check out my Iceland style and Iceland hiking guide as well. But today…it’s all about food, the stuff that fuels all my travels. You can also peruse my Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Provence and my Slow Food and Hiking Guide to Andalucia. Food in Iceland more
  • a hiking guide to iceland Another country, another guide. Thinking of going to Iceland? Do. Why? To see the landscape (hike, ice climb, frolic in a Fair-isle jumper on moss-covered lava fields aka this video), to eat the food and to just absorb the kookiness of the place. I’m going to do a three-part post, kids, because there’s too much more
  • Icelanders are kooky Iceland is one of the weirdest places I’ve ever been to. As in weird-good. I spent 10 days here and got seriously disorientated. When I travel I absorb factoids – cultural ticks, fashion quirks, mannerisms etc. When I visited Iceland a week or so ago, the factoids rained down on me. From all angles. Mostly more
  • Iclandic skyr, avocado + coconut breakfast mousse! I’m in Iceland and the food here is sublime. The country has totally rallied around their earthy, fishy roots and is producing phenomenal stuff, even in tiny little hotel restaurants in towns with populations of 200. The slow food movement here is very active. And there’s a heavy focus on organic, farm-to-table, clean food. I’m more
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