• Sylvia Plath’s purple figs lesson Hello. Are you like me? As in, do you really, truly struggle with making decisions?  I think many of you reading this blog do. As I’ve written before, decision fatigue sees us do dumb things, like reverting to default or safe options, or to making decisions that keep our options open…which just prolongs the fatigue. more
  • A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one Decisions are hard. I struggle with them. So these words from writer and feminist Rita Mae Brown are sweet salve… “A peacefulness follows any decision, even the wrong one.” God. What a relief just to hear that. I think the peacefulness that comes from JUST MAKING THE DAMN DECISION says to the world that you’re open more
  • Sometimes we just have to circle like a dog You know how dogs do that thing where they circle around and around looking for the right place – seemingly the perfect place – to sink to the ground?  I watch them do it and wonder, What exactly are they seeking? What is their perfection? That said, I do the same thing. I circle before more
  • What Steve Jobs’ perfectionism has taught me It truly is an oddity. It’s become a talking point among friends. A joke at first.  I can’t buy a couch. And it’s come to hold up a mirror to a few fundamental sadnesses about life. Indeed, I’ve never owned a couch. I’ve inherited old ones when I’ve moved into the various rentals I’ve traipsed more
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