• My 7 favourite ways to use turmeric Look, I’m aware turmeric is fast becoming the new kale, that is, an over-hyped “superfood”. I guess, though, unlike kale, turmeric has some unique health properties grounded in a long history of healing cooking (nothing against kale, but it doesn’t really stand apart substantially on any front from good old silverbeet). I use a fair more
  • Could you have chemical intolerance? What next? I make it a personal mission to live my life as toxin-free as I can. High toxic loads aren’t good for any of us…even more so if you’re struggling with autoimmune disease. For anyone with autoimmune issues, chemicals and heavy metals seem to be both the cause and effect. Research published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology shows that approximately 20 per more
  • If you don’t become the ocean you’ll be seasick every day This is a Leonard Cohen line from his poem Good Advice For Someone Like Me.  Wonderfully, I came across it just after I’d swum across Bondi beach, alone, the other day. This swim – about 1km in open water, out past the surfers and breaks – has become a lovely habit. Whenever I’m off balance more
  • what’s with all the gluten intolerances?? let me explain… You might have read a column by a former colleague of mine Mia Freedman recently where she questioned people’s food intolerances, specifically gluten, and avoidance of certain foods, specifically sugar. Funnily, I’m both intolerant to gluten and had to quit sugar due to an autoimmune disease. I was asked during Monday’s webinar for my thoughts. more
  • how to heal autoimmune disease…another post on inflammation I haven’t done a AI post for a while (and if you’re new to this blog you might want to catch up on some previous posts here). Which is not to say that I’m traveling swimmingly with my particular version of the disease. Nope, it’s up and down. via pinterest.com I’m still learning what flares more
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