• I now sleep 7-8 hours! This is what changed my entire life… I’m aware the headline above is perhaps predictably blog-bait-ish. But it’s actually the truth. I’ve been insomniac since I was seven years old I’ve experimented with all kinds of salves. But, after many trials and errors, I’ve found a handful of (almost)  silver-bullets. Like most of you, I also have multiple lifestyle things I do, more
  • The only (Ayurvedic) sleep advice you need to follow I’ve contemplated and researched every insomniac’s trick out there. (You can catch up on my personal experience with insomnia and my 14 insomnia solutions if you find yourself with an hour to kill at 3am sometime soon.) Eventually you have to drill things down to The Thing That Works. Of course, there are always several factors. more
  • I’m an insomniac, get me out of here You haven’t really lived until you’ve experienced insomnia. As in, really felt the darkest, loneliest, nothingness core of existence that really only strikes around 4am when sleep eludes and sunrise is an hour away. As in, descended to such a pit of wall-punching, stomach-clawing despair, and then risen again as the currawongs emit their forlorn more
  • I’m being broken down I’m now in Icaria, Greece. I should probably explain why and how and what for before launching into a post about an Icarian experience I’m currently having. But, as you will soon learn, everything on this island is topsy-turvy. So an introduction will have to wait. Since arriving in Icaria I’ve been getting looks from more
  • insomnia: an artistic representation that somehow makes it feel less lonely If you’re an insomniac these images by artist Paul Davis at copyrightdavis.com will very much resonate. Not so much for the meaning in the squiggles. But the demented aesthetic. How much do you totally get the hatred you feel for the loved one lying next to you…asleep (HATE HER SLEEP). How come it works for more
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