• Dear Friends and Family, I’m sorry I’m e-hurting you… I read the other day, in the New York Times, about the phenomenon of “hiding in plain e-sight”. Oh, yes, it’s such a “thing”. HIPES – as I’ll call it for expediency – is the act of hiding from people’s unanswered calls, texts and emails, seemingly unavailable and presumably offline, while being visible on social more
  • 5 clever sugar-quitting recipes on a Tuesday Since more than 3000 of you are currently doing the I Quit Sugar Pre-Christmas Program (and tens of thousands of you have already quit sugar), how about I share a few really clever frucken fructose-free recipes that I’ve spotted on Instagram lately. These are recipes by folk who’ve already done the program and have invented clever more
  • How to eat paleo (ish) while travelling Southern Europe so far: je marche, Je mange. That’s pretty much been the picture for the past five weeks. I don’t really do museums or galleries. I travel to eat. I hike to eat. I eat to hike. If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Twitter you might have noticed that I’ve been eating more
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