• my 20 best productivity tips I’m not a productivity fiend. Flaying about in chaos can be exhilarating. But I do like the sport of finding a smarter way to do things. And I love it when people share what they do. Is it a chick thing? I mean, it’s the secret to women’s magazines – sharing the kind of information more
  • The three best efficiency tips I’ve ever found So, this week I’ve packed up and racked off to Bali for “annual leave” (are such things relevant when you work for yourself?). I’ve vowed not to work. So I’m posting in advance a short best-of series. I’ve been on this experiment…trying different tricks and meeting various gurus for just over a year. Some work. more
  • some good Monday reads (for those finding their start to the week a little slippery) How was your weekend? Mine was great. I finished my detox and celebrated by going for a morning sand run on Bondi and then heading to Longrain and eating a meal cooked with much love by Marty Boetz. As an FYI…Marty recently changed his entire menu to reflect his organic/locivore values. He changed chicken suppliers, more
  • declutterbug #1: online reader gizmo that gets rid of the guff This is a new series I’m starting that will flag cool gadgets and tricks and things that make life simpler and less… stuff-y. Most of it will be free stuff. All of it will be elegantly simple. Sunday Life readers might have seen my column a month or two ago about Instapaper (a nifty filing more
  • sunday life: in which I fly naked This week I declutter my background reading I can get disproportionately excited about new online devices. Like, a while back, I was frothing about Instapaper, a 2.0 equivalent of the Post It note. It works like this. You’re wasting time online and stumble upon an interesting blog post or New York Times article. You can’t more
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