• Friday giveaway: free institute of integrative nutrition course worth $4500 It’s Friday. And I’d like to give a lovely reader: free tuition with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition worth more than $4000   when they buy a copy of the  I Quit Sugar ebook between now and Monday EST 5pm. As you might know, the INN course saw me qualify as a Health Coach last more
  • study integrative nutrition for free: The winner! Last week I offered the opportunity for free tuition at INN. Now the winner. I got Jo to pick the name from a hat (actually a vase). The successful person is…Debra (Deb, I’ll email you direct, too). I’m REALLY sorry to those of you who missed out!!! However, I know a few of you are more
  • study integrative nutrition for free! a special offer A while back I posted about the integrative nutrition course I’ve been studying via correspondence in New York. A number of you’ve signed up and the referral cash I got went to several charities. Thank you! Well, now they’ve offered me the opportunity to give one person free tuition. See the post I wrote on more
  • this is the nutrition course I’m studying (plus a cool plan to donate $500 to charity if you enrol too…) In February I started studying to become a health counsellor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, via correspondence. Name someone big in nutrition and I can safely say they’re probably lecturers at this place…Deepak Chopra, Joel Fuhrman, Sally Fallon Morell, Mark Hyman, etc. I’ve learned things like: Eat melons alone or leave more
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