• how to heal autoimmune disease: an update OK, it’s been a while since I’ve done an auto-immune post (for those new here, you can find the backlog of AI posts here). But I’m going to start up a bit of a series again. For reasons I feel it’s worth explaining. NOTE: For anyone who DOESN’T have an AI… 1. be damn glad more
  • do nothing for two minutes Dearest Reader of This Blog, Should you find yourself today: agitated, bossed about, distracted, thinking that you’re crap and you’ll never be able to get task X done, that you don’t have enough time, that there’s too much to do…do nothing for two minutes. I’ve found a link that will help. I just swear it more
  • Sunday Life: a *really* effective way to get rest (and heal) This week I try Intentional Resting There’s always been something about me that inspires a reflexive need in others – even complete strangers in Medicare queues – to tell me to relax. When you’re not a relaxed person, being told to “Hey, just relax” is like being a leopard and ordered to not have spots. more
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