• Buy my soup in a jar. Help the homeless (my new project!) I have recently hooked up with the The Inside Out Organic Soup Kitchen charity. A little while back I gave away artwork to raise money for one of their projects teaching disadvantaged young mums how to cook. Now, we’ve joined forces to provide you with some of my soup. As well as the homeless folk more
  • The time I did something mildly generous and it kept going… Today I share a lovely story that unfolded over the past two weeks, culminating in a triple donation (and dominoing) of a piece of artwork I auctioned last week. It went like this. This letter below arrived in the mail on February 4 from someone called Hazel. With no last name, return address or email. more
  • I’m going to start auctioning lovely things for good food folk… This is a new idea. Not complex. So let’s see how it goes. You may remember this wonderful painting (below) I shared on New Years Day. My mate Paul from The Art Park in Byron Bay painted it. Paul is a talent. He used to do the poster art for 80s outfits (an 80s word?) more
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