• sunday life: can self-monitoring make me a better person? This week I try self-tracking with a bunch of iphone apps A few years ago in New York I interviewed a bunch of women who’d taken it upon themselves to track their entire lives  – via video cameras attached to their heads – so that you and I could follow online their every move. Ablutionary more
  • the best ever iphone apps: a listicle (part 2) A week or so ago I shared the apps I’m rapt about. Now a list of radical ones you use (albeit, not all of them are productive…in fact some are counterproductive…but I guess it’s that time of year), plus a few from people whose productivity levels we’re in awe of. My assistant Jo loves these (she more
  • the best-ever iphone apps: a listicle (part 1) I’m excited about a few apps that make life sweeter, better, lighter. I’ve listed the ones I swear by. Please do add yours to the mix below (I’ll do up another post down the track of your suggestions…). Most of you know about Bump (free) and Shazam (free), yes? The former shares contacts when you more
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