• Why we all need a Family Investment Bucket Hey, have you heard me say this before? We all need to be forced to create some tech boundaries for ourselves and our families. But, as you know by now, we can’t wait for “someone” to solve this tech-driven disconnect; we have to do it ourselves. Yes, we must. This shit is making us sick more
  • tone your vagus The thighbone is connected to the hipbone…and our heart is connect to the head, and we are all one and… you get the picture. I read over the weekend about work being conducted by behavioural neuroscientists in the US that shows that our phone addiction is connected to our longevity,  and that disconnecting from your more
  • now for some camera whimsy apps It’s really not enough any more to just point and shoot? It’s a bit, “is that ALL you know about iphone apps?” If this IS all you know, then this little rundown of apptastic iphone appendages will delight you. Play with them over the weekend. I came across this great post on THE BEST CAMERA more
  • four tricks to reduce mobile radiation I have to share this. I was going to put it on Twitter but it’ll take too many characters. The New York Times has just run a story on all the studies that point to cells/mobiles frying the brain. The put a link to a list of the relative amounts of radiation various cellphone models more
  • Bombarded with work e-mail? Try this top Gmail tip I’ve come to accept very recently that it is our personal responsibility to be our own information gatekeepers. Everyone around me is constantly complaining how they’re overloaded. They can’t keep up with email. Their iphone is driving them mental. Blah blah blah. It’s time, I think, we realised that the greatest challenge our generation faces more
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