• Want to become part of my IQS 8-Week Program partner network? Dear Friends – Personal Trainers, Health coaches, Nutritionists, Bloggers and Dietitians With Clients Who Want to Quit Sugar, I hope this finds you well. Given you’re on the same page and given so many of you have asked for me to do this, the I Quit Sugar Team and I have put together a partner more
  • My number one wellness secret (not what you expect!) I won’t keep you in suspense. I’m not a clickbait-y type. The answer I always give when asked for the most effective trick for being well is… to learn to cook. When you cook you get empowered and mindful. By necessity, you cut out processed food and all the guff Big Food foists upon us. more
  • Looking after yourself No really. Do you? Look after yourself? I often don’t. I learned the other night that it’s a Capricorn thing (being a bad self looker-afterer). The same night, the same person – one lovely Lou Androlia – shared that while she suffers from Hashimotos (and previously fibromyalgia, another autoimmune disease), she doesn’t get too many more
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