• Why I’ve produced my own gelatin powder Good morning friends. This post serves two purposes. To announce that, yes, I’ve produced an I Quit Sugar gelatin powder – my Gut Lovin’ Gelatin. And you can buy it now. To explain why I’ve done so, in the context of my vocal aversion to the practice of contributing to More Stuff on The Planet. more
  • My number one wellness secret (not what you expect!) I won’t keep you in suspense. I’m not a clickbait-y type. The answer I always give when asked for the most effective trick for being well is… to learn to cook. When you cook you get empowered and mindful. By necessity, you cut out processed food and all the guff Big Food foists upon us. more
  • A One-Pot Wonder Skillet Cookie recipe! It is no secret that the new IQS One-Pot Wonders Cookbook is possibly my favourite cookbook yet. It’s all about making delicious meals simple, affordable and sustainable. To give you a little glance at what’s inside, I thought I’d share one of my favourite dessert recipes from the book: The Choc Chip Skillet Cookie. This giant more
  • The IQS 8-Week Program goes global! Plus an international Getaway Giveaway… I’m not sure if you know – I Quit Sugar has gawn global. As in, my book is now on sale around the world and the online 8-Week Program can be done wherever you are on the planet. The impact of this, for me, has been huge. I now get feedback from people from cities more
  • How I wrote my 8-Week Program Meal Plans The next round of my I Quit Sugar online 8-Week Program starts June 5 and you can sign up now and join the 300,000 other peeps around the world who’ve done it, either via my books or online. In this next round you’ll still have the option to choose from two Meal Plans: the standard more
  • I’m giving 100 I Quit Sugar cookbooks away… If you’re involved in a charity that helps people make their life better, then you might be interested in this. You see, my ebooks have sold well. Better than I expected (I tend to work from low expectations). I feel blessed and so I’d like to give out just a little. Today I’m giving away more
  • Early birds offer! Pre-order the I Quit Sugar Cookbook now…. Here’s a bit of an idea for you…and a sneak peak at one of the recipes from my ….some drum rolling please…I Quit Sugar Cookbook!!! The cookbook, as I’ve explained here, is a follow-up from I Quit Sugar: A Sweet 8-Week Program. It’s a behemoth of a book: more than 108 recipes of nutritious, easy, more
  • behold my new project: an e-cookbook! I’ve been working on a very exciting project. Can’t say too much yet… …Oh, OK, then. In a few quick points: It’s a follow-up to I Quit Sugar: a sweet 8-week program. It’s an e-cookbook of super simple sugar-free recipes. It features a number of incredible contributions from some famous chefs and food folk I more
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