• I was a late creative bloomer. I agree with this theory. I took seven years to complete my BA. I was about five years older than all the other cadets when I did my official journalism training, taking a pay cut just for fun. I got my first gig on telly at 35 – when most women are giving up the screen. And I only found more
  • How to find your place Are you a young person wondering what the hell you’re meant to be doing? Trying to find your place? Are you a parent with a beloved young person in your life who is struggling with their place? My suggestion: read famous creatives’ graduation speeches. They are truly inspiring frothings in which said famous creative confesses more
  • The best advice to creatives ever: you have to go through a volume of work When I lived in Byron (writing my first book) I used to drive to my friend Annie’s house in the hills for dinner on Sundays. I timed it to listen to Ira Glass on This American Life. I’d time it so I could pull over in the really mind-expanding, precipace-thinking bits. Not listened to one more
  • ira glass: “it’s normal to take a while” If Ira says it, I believe it: it simply takes a lot of work to make good stuff. If this topic comforts and gives you hope and fires you up because, “hey, it’s only hard work and anyone can do that”, then you might also like to know how long it took Bruce Springsteen to more
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