• If you could invite any ten people to a dinner party, who would they be? I was recently listed in a top ten dinner party wish list with quite the bevy of top women, including Quentin Bryce, Julia Gillard and Cate Blanchett. Yep, flattered. A lot. And kind of boasting a little right here and now. That said, it saw a number of people ask me who I’d invite if more
  • Morning Show fluff + truth + the last IQS supper Happy respill everyone. I’m heading off to watch the disaster that is Australian politics unfold. Personally, I’m glad/not surprised it’s all happening. Truth must find its way out. It can only fester below the surface of consciousness so long before the pressure builds up. The boil must be lanced. And we are at a point, more
  • Julia and Tony, you’re too close to the screen!! Is this the toughest election in history to get excited about, or what? It’s been lacking in defined policies and been brimful of watered-down, negatively-defined, wavering visions on both sides. It’s flaccid soup. And I haven’t been able to find the chunky bits! A few thoughts before I head to the ballot box tomorrow. I’m more
  • pink worms…and can the positive vibe go too far? We all saw the gendered election worm last night…what was interesting was that, compared with previous election debates the worm tracked far more positively than normal. Plus, the pink worm (women) was, overall, more positive than the blue (men). When Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott started sledging the other, both worms took a dive into more
  • have you read this? The end of men? What do you think of this month’s Atlantic magazine cover story: The End of Men? The factoids to be drawn from it if you hate clicking open long features: There’s a “mancession” going on: three-quarters of the 8 million jobs lost in the GFC were lost by men. The worst-hit industries were overwhelmingly male and more
  • julia: a few talking points for the weekend. Yesterday was surreal. I was caught between two worlds. And, in fact, yesterday was a classic example of the professional balancing act I walk most days. On the one hand I was absorbed by what was going down. I was totally stunned by the fact WE HAVE A NEW PM! And listened to commentary all more
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