• shop closed. off filmin. bak son. I haven’t been able to post so much lately. And for some reason I feel I need to explain myself!!? And make up for it. I’ve been a little caught up and out of internet range, filming. This is how I spend my mornings – 5:30 starts, driving to location looking like…THIS… While I’m here…Me more
  • Why. please. thankyou… a very special guest post from Julie Goodwin During my time filming the first series of MasterChef Australia, Julie Goodwin became something of spiritual beacon for me. Filming the show was tough…for a lot of existential reasons, which I won’t go into here. But every few days or so Julie and I would connect in some way. A wink, a hug, a quick more
  • sunday life: how gratefulness helps my life In the aftermath of the recent MasterChef finale, I want to share one special observation with you. Just after she was announced winner you’ll recall Julie told everyone – the contestants, the chefs, me, the judges, the crew – how grateful she was we’d helped change her life. On set we’d stoically held it together more
  • sunday life: the masterchef lesson I should be honest with you all. This week I have not been out there treading the path to self-betterment I committed to in writing this column. Nope, I’ve been stuck in a kitchen overseeing amateur cooks whisk and flambé their way down the homestretch to become MasterChef, a term only months ago was confused more
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