• Fish soup with kale, plus 6 other ways to eat more greens Greens. I get quite obsessed. I always feel that if I get at least 3 cups of the stuff into my gob each day, then I have a leave pass with the rest of my diet. Within reason. In Europe, however, it’s been tough going in the cruciferous, leafy and folic department. Mostly it’s been more
  • tuesday eats: kale pesto Everyone has got a little excited about kale. Every time I write about it I get stacks of emails. So I thought I’d post a great kale pesto recipe. Healthy as. And you can freeze it...which I’m radically into right now. There’s a lot of recipes out there. I like this one. 1 bunch kale more
  • Tuesday eats: brown rice So. Today. I start filming my new TV show. First day. I’ve lost my voice and I’m up to here with snot and flueyness. I’ll post again soon about the new show -it’s all secret squirrels for now (wherever did that phrase come from?!!). For now I can tell you it’s about nutrition…a pet topic more
  • tuesday eats: how to freeze things I know this seems like a really daggy post. But stick with me, at least until the jump. It gets really interesting. See this quinoa recipe below, from 101 Cookbooks, an amazing resource for super healthy food ideas…I challenged myself to make it entirely from stuff pulled from my freezer. There are tricks and things more
  • my favourite, earthy root recipe This popped up in Shop Till You Drop this month, prompting an urge to share a recipe with you (below): As it happens, I cooked a meal last night using ALMOST all the ingredients above. In rough terms, this is it:
  • Tuesday eats: kale (plus: my “fridge surprise soup”, below) I’ve mentioned kale before here. I call it kale. Foodie types with an Italian affection call it cavalo nero. It looks like a more rustic, crinkly version of spinach, and is ssuuuuuuuuuper nutritious. Actually, here’s a fact: Kale’s one of the most nutritious superfoods on the planet, packed with chlorophyll, calcium, iron & vitamin A. more
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