• The Sarah Wilson mindful xmas gift guide. ‘Cos you asked for it. My family doesn’t do Christmas gifts. Each year we pitch in for a crappy, wood-veneered, chenille-bedspreaded holiday house down the coast. We wrestle, eat, attempt to play board games (none of us are good at sitting very still), go for bike rides and try not to step on each other’s toes (especially those of the more
  • Giveaway: 6 x Wool and the Gang knitting kits This competition has now ended. Congratulations to prize winners Mel, Kate, Chantel, Kirsten, Nicole and Rachel. So, I knit. If you follow my blog, you’ll have read this post about my new thing for taking up Real Life Hobbies. I believe it’s making me a more interesting human. Keen to give it a go, too? more
  • Hey, a Wool and The Gang knitting kit…give it a purl! When I was a kid and complained to Mum I was borrrrred it would elicit precisely one of two responses. “I’ve got something you can do – here’s a basket of nappies you can hang out.” “Sarah, you need a hobby”. Poor Mum was always on my case to do things with my time that more
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