• I quit sugar program: full quittage! (week 3) It’s week three. The time is now. No more run ups…  we’re going cold turkey…no more sugar! First up, though, some housekeeping: * On Friday I invited you all to join FebFast (quit booze for February and raise $ for charity). It’s a good time to drop the booze if you’ve just quit sugar. It more
  • friday giveaway: 10 copies of the luscious “Supercharged Food” cookbook by Lee Holmes It’s Friday. It’s summer. Everyone seems to be on some sort of healthy switch-about. So a fitting giveaway! This week I’m giving away… 10 copies of ‘Supercharged Food’ From Lee’s book: sugarfree coconut icecream! See recipe below. Regular readers will have caught previous posts about Lee Holmes‘ cooking. Lee has an autoimmune disease and has more
  • wheat free! sugar free! Take-to-Christmas treats A few months back I connected with Lee Holmes who told me she was writing a cookbook. She asked if I’d “endorse it”. For some niggly, gut-based reason I had a very sound feeling about what she was doing…Lee has an autoimmune disease and has healed herself through diet. She sent me some recipes from more
  • what nutritionists order when they eat out Me, I get a little tired of food types banging on about their amazing eating habits. I mean, I MUST really annoy some of you with all my “sprout this”, “slow cook” that rants. So perhaps I should mention, I also eat in food courts. And at 7-Eleven. Because I get really hungry and I more
  • Tuesday eats: breakfast…sans grains and sugar! As readers of this blog might know, I can’t do gluten or sugar, which makes breakfast tricky. If not toast or porridge or muesli or fruit, then what? Eggs. And more eggs. zucchini ricotta cheesecake, via 101cookbooks Not a sad predicament, but variety is required. Lately I’ve also been experimenting with cutting back on grains more
  • Tuesday eats: some healthy mish-mash meals One of my favourite things to do is to come up with a meal from… nothing. It’s a sport. And I find myself competing in it often because I travel almost weekly and have to empty my fridge of random ingredients. Oh the thrill of it!?! So I always have a few staples on hand more
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