• how to make your own sprouts Slide into your Birkenstocks, tie on your recycled bamboo apron and turn up Steely Dan on the stereo (or tune to Portlandia on ABC)  because today we’re sprouting legumes!   If you were the kid with the mushroom kit or the Venus flytraps on your windowsill that you’d race home from school to just sit more
  • eating for vata and chelating I’ve posted on the whole vata thing before – it’s an Ayurvedic diagnosis for A-types who move and talk fast, get flighty and unearthed easily, as well as, well, get toxic. You know, joint-achy and congested and bogged up. Me, basically. And many of you, I suspect. I made the point in my previous post more
  • lentils: how to *really* eat them A few posts back Julie Cowdroy wrote about the Below the Line campaign – a program in May that sees well-fed westerners live on $2 a day to experience what it’s like for the world’s poorest. And to raise $$. I promised to give it a crack and did so for a day. As, it more
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