• today I’m wearing a dirty white T-shirt Today I woke with a plan to wear my white long-sleeved T-shirt. I’ve worn it twice already in the past fortnight and it has a little bit of makeup on the inside neckline and a little bit of a lived-in smell to it. Today I’ll be riding on my bike between meetings. A slightly uncrisp more
  • finding your life aesthetic A few weeks ago I was in Vienna for a day, as part of a 38-hour haul from Greece to Denmark. And I had a great realisation. When I’m in a new city I get enveloped by the aesthetic – the hair, the shoes, the subtle mannerisms, the turns of phrases – and find myself more
  • live out the confusions This is something I learned only recently. I wish I’d learned it early. It is this: no one on this planet knows what they’re doing. We’re all confused. Very little matches up (and yet our brains try valiantly to slot all the bits together in patterns). And this is the salient bit: there is only more
  • life is hard. life is precious. Warning: this is just the trailer…but prepare to cry big connecting-with-humanity tears. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5FYahzVU44[/youtube] Precious: Based on the novel Push by Sapphire (this is actually the full title) hits screens in a month or two. But a water-cooler-ready overview in the mean time: * Oprah’s backed it * the plot follows the truly tragic life of more
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